[Curated Gift] New Mum/ Breastfeeding Mum and Seniors
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  • Suitable for Pregnant/ Postpartum/ Breastfeeding Mothers/ New Mummies
  • Also suitable as birthday presents for seniors who preferred a healthier lifestyle
  • Can be as a Wish-You-A-Fast-Recovery Gift/ Care Pack
  • Deliveries within Malaysia & Singapore

Postnatal diet is as important as prenatal diet. A proper postnatal diet (which includes good calories) is not only able to ennsure one has sufficient nourishment after giving birth, but also can help in weight loss.


One of the best postnatal food/ snacks is walnut and almond. They are a great source of antioxidants. omega-3 fatty acids, and protein, which is great for the brain & heart. Besides, some mothers also mention that snacking on almond & walnuts help to boost their breast milk production! For breastfeeding mothers, we've also included a 'secret recipe' to help boost breastmilk: handroasted genmaicha. It is a nourishing drink that is made up of brown rice, organic black beans & black rice. It is a good source of protein, calcium, potassium, fibre, traces of vitamins & minerals. This beverage is caffeine-free & you can snack upon the ingredients after they are 'cooked' in the hot water. 


According to alternative therapy & some traditional medicine practitioners, heat treated fruits help to reduce the 'coolness' of fruits, which is not so good for postnatal women as their body tend to absorb 'wind' easily. Nonetheless, we believe in a balance & moderate diet, and feel that fruits are important in one's postnatal diet due to its fiber & other nutritional values. Hence, we've included dried mango & dried dragonfruit snacks (with no-added sugar, preservatives & colourings) in this curated gift set. Besides, this gift also includes a box of handcrafted snowflakes, which is gaining more popularity among children, men & women, especially for those who enjoy milk-based snacks. 


As we are equally careful with diet for our seniors, parents or grandparents, this curated gift set is also suitable for them considering the nutritious benefits of the healthy snacks & beverages included. If your favourite aunty, parents or grandparents' birthday is coming soon & you want to get something practical & healthy for them, this may be something for your consideration.


What's in it?

  • Handroasted Genmaicha (160g) x 1 bottle
  • Handcrafted snowflakes with dragonfruit (no added-sugar, but contains dairy & wheatflour) x 1 box
  • Premium dried mango snacks (50g) x 1 bottle
  • Premium dried dragonfruit snacks (50g) x 1 bottle
  • Lightly salted mix nuts - Walnut, Almond, Cranberry & Raisin (140g) x 1 bottle
  • A greeting card with your personalised message
  • A mailing gift box

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