BeBOTS x TheTwoPineapples


BeBOTS, a community effort in helping special needs individual - Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime...


We are amazed by what BeBOTS is pursuing, as we feel that more community effort is required to help special needs individual to develop practical work skills, show them how to apply & participate in work-force... so that the kids can feel that they are part of the communit y, that they can also contribute to the society - Hannah, Co-founder of TheTwoPineapples


The team here at The Two Pineapples have recently came across a social enterprise called BeBOTS and are truly amazed with what they are doing for our society. We have decided to work with them to support this noble cause! Here's a little background on what they do:


BeBOTS stands for Beyond Building On The Spectrum - its vision is to assist and elevate special needs late teens and young adults with Autism to transition into independent and wholehearted people. It's a place where they can assimilate, grow, and thrive while being a part of the community. BeBOTS provides soft job skills training to our "BOTSquad Members" within an environment that promotes confidence and affirmation while they navigate from school to working life.


Do give them your support and do what we can for our community! Check them out via the links below:


BeBOTS website

BeBOTS Instagram


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