[Single Pack] Cranberry Glazed Granola
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  • Children-friendly
  • Suitable for children and seniors who enjoys munching on light bites
  • Suitable for those who usually have cereal or quick bites for meals
  • Deliveries within Malaysia & Singapore

Are you bored of eating your usual bowl of cereal for breakfast? Well, don't get us wrong, we enjoy coco-crunch and honey stars too! But if you are feeling adventurous and would like to try something different, why not grab a pack of our granola for breakfast tomorrow?


When our R&D team present their latest product for this Christmas season, ie cranberry glazed granola, to be honest, we were a bit... not looking forward to try... Well, there are just too many brands of granola out there! But when we tasted a bite of it, awww my gawddd..... we just go back for more! The first thing that the team agreed on, we cannot just limit this pack of goodness to be sold on Christmas only!!! 


Therefore, we decided to make it available all time long, until you - our dearest customer and friends, decided that this is no longer exciting to your palate  =)


If you wonder what additives and chemical flavouring did we use to make it so flavourful and yummy, the answer is NO. We DO NOT USE any additives, chemical flavourings in our products. We use ONLY NATURAL ingredients. This includes rice puffs, rolled oats, cranberry, honey, raisin, brown sugar, dark chocolate chip and our all-time-favourite, premium dried pineapples.


*We do customise our products for doorgifts, events and parties as well. Do contact us should you be looking for something different and unique for the occasion.

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